Children’s Books to help parents with subjects that many find tough to explain.




Books To Help You Start Conversations

Unless a child directly asks you a question about one of the topics above, then you probably aren’t likely to dive into a conversation. Within these children’s books Rebecca has written, you will find relatable stories for young children.


An Adoption

Dimes: To Teach
Your Child About

To Help Your Child
Through Loss


Rebecca bravely tackles a topic often not spoken about. In this valuable book she offers pragmatic guidance for parents and children to face loss in a healthy way. Her highly relatable story provides comfort in normalizing loss, helps provide the words to get those conversations started, and shines a bright light on the path of recovery.

– Review of HONOR by Amy C.

What an excellent book for teaching your children about money. I wish I’d had this when my children were young. Rebecca presents her story in such a way that its interesting to kids. Not only that, but the illustrations were beautiful. I ordered 3 of her books and am excited to read the other two.

– Review of DIMES by Debby K.

The focus of this book is encouraging adopted children to realize their special chosen-ness. The author’s clever poetic approach exposes the child to a broad range of diverse family styles and relational opportunities. Very few children get to choose the “family” they become a part of.

– Review of CHOSEN by BQ

My 6.5 yr old daughter chose to read the book on her own. She picked up on some of the ways I like to remember my mother, who passed away years before my daughter was born. If your child just lost a pet, family member, or friend, then I would read this with them.

– Review of HONOR by S. Pruit